Unique Location

The sophisticated and magnificent Kiikri Residences Quarter been permanently docked by the Gulf of Tallinn, on the edge of Karioru Park. This is where historic Kadriorg meets the Pirita promenade, offering magical views of the city and the sea. If you are seeking a home with an impressive and convenient location, then look no further!

Timeless Architecture

The architecture of the Kiikri 6 buildings matches the Kiikri Quarter that is currently under construction, while still remaining an elite and elegant anchor thanks to their somewhat more prominent location. Sophisticated materials and smooth wave lines create a modern, yet timeless style. The houses have been inspired by Tallinn as an important port city and the location of the Kiikri Quarter right by the seaport. White balcony railings are reminiscent of sea waves, and the buildings themselves could be ships arriving at their home port.

Unique Interior Design

As a seaside development, the interior design of the Kiikri Residences has been inspired by important port cities, such as Hamburg, Copenhagen, Genoa and of course our hometown, Tallinn. The result will take you on an imaginative voyage and bring a piece of everything that left a mark on your heart back home to you.

High-Quality Execution

In addition to outstanding architecture, Metro Capital aims to highlight superior construction quality and environmentally friendly solutions. The Metro Capital team fully understands the expectations of Tallinn’s most demanding customers and has been committed to meeting them for the past 10 years.


Metro Capital

We at Metro Capital plan our development projects so that we can be proud of them even in the distant future. This means investing in environmentally friendly construction, using renewable energy and choosing eco-friendly materials.

Kiikri Ehitus

The team of Kiikri Ehitus includes people with long-term experience in construction who have successfully implemented a variety of projects of different types and sizes.

PIN Arhitektid

PIN Arhitektid is an experienced, dynamic and energetic team. Our goal is to create comprehensive solutions, outdoor spaces that engage with the environment, and functional floorplans.
Kiikri 6 is developed by Metro Capital
Kiikri 6 is constructed by Kiikri Ehitus

Tartu mnt 25, Tallinn

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